My May Amazon Prime Finds


If you read my last blog post, you read a little bit about how living in the mountains, we don’t have access to a lot of affordable shops, which leads me to rely on Amazon for a lot of random needs. I am always looking around for great deals, unique products, and items that I just can’t get up here, or would pay a premium for. None of the products below are sponsored, they are all products I have ordered myself, tried, and loved. All products are Prime.

Please do keep in mind when browsing that pricing can fluctuate on Amazon.

Floral Kimono $16.99

I do have to admit, I’m not really a huge kimono girl, but I figured for under $20, this was a great kimono to try and I actually love it! I often pair it with a white tank and jeans or jean shorts. It takes an ordinary outfit from boring to fun and feminine without any effort. It is a best seller on Amazon and after wearing it a few times, I totally see why! It comes in 33 colors, I have the “orange flower” (pictured). Sizing: True to size


Packing Cubes $9.99

I hate packing. Every trip I go on, I wait until the absolute last minute to finally get packed. These cubes have been a game changer for me. They make packing easy, organized, and surprisingly so much faster. I now don’t go on a trip without them and even bought a set for my husband as well. For $10 you get 7 cubes. I went with the cactus print, but there are 6 different print/color options.


Organic Plant Fertilizer $12.99

I have plants in every room of my house, and my biggest secret to full and healthy plants is this fertilizer. I have used it for about 3 years and have never looked back. It is organic and natural, which also means it is a bit stinky. I fertilize my plants about once every two months, so this bottle of concentrated fertilizer lasts me about a year (and I have around 30 houseplants). I notice an immediate difference in my plants after using it and recommend it to all of my fellow plant-loving friends, especially those without green thumbs.


Tie Dye Dress $27.99

I am always looking for comfortable and cute clothes that require zero effort on my part. This dress has such soft material, is loose fitting, and has a cute v-neck and side slits that give it a better shape. I often knot the bottom of the front to the side and pair it with a jean jacket (this is my favorite jean jacket, it is under $30 and runs true to size). It comes in 9 different colors (I have the coffee color) and fits true to size.


Beauty Blenders $8.99 for 5

I love these blenders because they are a great deal. When I go to a store up here to find beauty blenders they are $5 a blender. These are great quality, work really well, and are something I buy regularly.


Duvet Cover + Shams $13.99

This is one of my favorite Amazon purchases of all time. I ended up discontinuing my West Elm duvet cover and using this one permanently after buying it a little over a year ago. It is SOOO soft, has a zipper closure, and is lightweight, which makes it easy to wash. After having one set for a few months, I purchased a second set for our guest room bed, and the quality makes it look like it was closer to $100, but somehow it’s under $20. Our guests almost always ask me where I got it and are shocked that it was an Amazon buy. I honestly cannot say one bad thing about this set.


Dry Bag Set of 3 $15.49

We have two sets of this dry bag set and use them primarily with our paddle boards. The bag is small enough to fit on the front of a paddle board and honestly when I bought it, I wasn’t planning on using the two other pieces, but I actually love them. I’ve used the phone case at the beach and I use the ‘fanny pack’ dry bag while on our paddle boards, since it is a little easier to get my phone out of for photos.



Blue Light Glasses $16.99

I have shared these with you guys in the past and so many of you have written me to tell me how much you love them. I was totally skeptical about the whole blue light thing until I tried them. I wear them when looking at screens during work and before bed. They have helped me dramatically with headaches and have helped me sleep better. These are the cutest pair of glasses I found, and fit a wide variety of face shapes. I have a narrow face and they work great, while one of my friends has a round face shape and they also look so cute on her! I have the leopard pair, but they come in 7 colors.


Mini Magnets $8.99

Oddly enough, strong magnets are impossible to find where I live, so I ended up trying out a few kinds of magnets from Amazon. These are my favorite since they are small, but SO strong. They can hold several pieces of card stock on our refrigerator. We use them on our refrigerator primarily for invitations, cards, and photos, and they work wonderfully.


Bitters Gift Set $31.99

These are a pricier buy compared to the other products, but I included them because Father’s day is right around the corner. I got these for my dad for Christmas and he absolutely loves them. They are a fun gift since they can try out different bitters to make new cocktails or just a twist on a classic Old Fashioned.


Mini Essential Oil Diffuser $21.99

When this diffuser arrived I was pleasantly surprised by how small it was. There are a few photos that show the diffuser in cars and homes, but I was still surprised. I personally keep it on my nightstand. It does not require water, has a USB power hook up, and is portable if you’re looking to take it places. I have used it for about 8 months and it has worked great for me. Personally, some of the other diffusers were just too big for my nightstand and required more work/maintenance than I was looking for with the water/cleaning.


Ten Toes Paddle Board $449.56

This isn’t a typical Amazon purchase for me, but I ended up buying our paddle boards through Amazon because the free shipping made it more affordable. We love these boards because they are inflatable, for local trips we don’t deflate them, but we often fly with our paddle boards and it couldn’t be easier to roll them up, put them in their bag, and check the entire set in the bag. An added bonus is if you are traveling, or have a smaller car, the inflatable boards will actually fit in your car when you roll them up. It only takes a few minutes to inflate/deflate them. We personally love our Ten Toes paddle boards, but I haven’t tried out too many other brands.


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